Catholic Match Reviews | is a Catholic dating website created over 8 years ago to match singles who were looking for more than just a match but someone they could marry and share Religious and moral beliefs with. The founders of this website wanted a dating site that matched people beyond physical and social traits and focused more on peoples faith. They match people that are Catholic and looking for just a date, a friend, or especially marriage. It is the number one matching site for Catholics and has been number one for over five years. matches people based on their faith and Religious beliefs. To get started simply visit their website and create an account. They will ask basic questions like your name, email and date of birth. They will also ask you questions about your appearance such as well as a your height, eye color, hair color and other psychical. Then they will ask you about your personal taste such as what type of music you like and your views on certain subjects. You can decide what type of information is shown to everyone or what you want to keep private.

They also allow you to choose what type of membership you want. They offer free membership which allows you to post photos, perform a basic search and view others members profiles yet you are limited to the other features you get. Limited or full membership which cost a fee depending on how long you choose to subscribe for offer so many more features like full searching of profiles. They allow you to upload numerous pictures unlike other sites that only allow you to upload one picture of yourself. After filling out all the profile information they will begin sorting through potential matches for you. They will match you with people who share your beliefs, morals and interests. At this time you can also begin you own search for someone. also offers a variety of different ways to communicate. Probably their most popular way is through their chat system. Instant chat is the best way to get to know new friends and potential mates. You can also send messages to talk to people. If your looking for a more personal meeting visit their community section to find out what public events they have taking place in your area. This option is so popular that they now offer events in the United States as well as internationally. They also have message forums which is like a group chat in which you can start meeting people.

This site also offers some other great features. Each profile is carefully looked through to ensure no one is violating the sites term by using offensive language or inappropriate pictures. They also allow you to use the site from your mobile device if you have a subscription. Another great feature is their favorites list which allows you to add interesting profiles to a favorites list so you can easily get to their profile when you log on. The best part about this feature is the other person will never know you have them on your favorites list. These features and so many more are the reasons is the great matching site that it is.