Relationship Advice For Men

The problem with giving relationship advice for men is that men do not like to take advice, especially when it comes to relationships. The majority of men have a lone-wolf approach to relationships. Rarely do they look for the hottest tips and advice from self-help books, glossy glamour magazines, or tear-jerking chick-flicks and daytime TV talk shows. Men, if they are open to any advice at all on how they should conduct themselves before, during, and after a relationship, take their notes from the narratives of other men. Men pass down relationship stories, good, bad, terrible, and mythical, as if they were trading old war tales or spinning a fantastic fishing yarn about the giant Marlin that got away off the coast of Key West. In this case, and with these stories, the lone-wolf suddenly becomes a pack of men. Unfortunately, it is this pack that is stereotyped and pigeonholed by the fairer sex as being grossly inconsiderate, insensitive, and emotionally detached, if not downright rude, misogynistic, and sexist.

However, men, just like women, want to connect and form solid and meaningful relationships. It is the man who is more inclined these days to want to get married than the woman; the modern era of dating and relationships is filled with these types of traditional role reversals. This is a good thing for the sexes. Gender roles and traditional divisions of labor are clichés. Role reversals are liberating for a relationship. Needless to say, it is getting to that point in a relationship that is arduous and difficult, as the dating landscape has gone through a radical transformation over the past decade.

The same venues and platforms for dating and relationships exist today as in they did in the past. The workplace romance, the girl you meet at the watering hole, the local gym, a community event, all of these options are still available to the modern man, yet they are compounded with the advent of social networking and a vast array of Internet dating sites. What really works best is anyone’s guess. The best tip is for a man to make himself available, and to keep his options open. If a man is willing to exceed his natural comfort zone when it comes to dating, then there is a better chance that he will meet somebody interesting, unique, and with relationship potential.

Unfortunately, most men are creatures of habit. They do not stray too far wide of their daily routines and rigid social circle. This obviously makes meeting new people difficult. Social networking has not really helped this situation, as most people use these sites to reconnect and reacquaint themselves with old friends, past lovers, and exes. This may be good for a while, but in the end that relationship you had twenty years ago has little chance of being successful in the present. Nostalgia is rarely a good foundation for a relationship. But then again, why discard any opportunity for a relationship? Often relationships have nothing to do with tips or advice, but luck, chance and good timing.

Keep reading our blog as we discuss relationship advice for men that will make it easy to get dates and relationships there after.

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Dating Advice For Men

If you are new to the dating scene, or have been out of the game for a while, you will need to follow this dating advice for men, in order to get the girl. So, when on a first date, you must make sure that you do everything right in order to impress your date, and ensure that you get the second date, and can continue on with the relationship. So, exactly what do women look for on a first date, and in a man in general, which you can do to impress her, and get that second date?

First off, you want to make sure to be open and communicative. You don’t have to give her your life story, everything you have accomplished, your past dating relationships, where you went to school, job history, etc. It’s not an interview, but you do have to be open and responsive, and if you are not comfortable answering or discussing a certain topic which may arise in conversation, find a polite way of letting your date know that. So, talking about common interests, what you do for work (currently), some educational background, what you do for fun, where you like going on days off, vacations, etc, you will really impress your date.

Next, you want to do something fun on the first date. A first date is to get to know the other person, so sitting in a movie theater or going somewhere you cannot talk, is really not the best idea, since you won’t learn anything about each other. If you go to a movie, following dinner or a cup of coffee and some time of talking, this might be okay though. So, make sure to find a place that is engaging, something that is fun that both of you can really enjoy, and something that is unique. When planning a first date, doing something interesting is always a great way to intrigue your date, and keep her interest.

Next, you want to ensure you have are properly dressed and groomed. The last thing a woman wants on a first date is someone who hasn’t combed their hair, dirty fingernails, and hasn’t properly planned out their attire, it shows a lack of interest from the start, and will not bode well for you to get a second date and continue on the relationship with this person. So, make sure to show, properly groom yourself, and although you don’t have to wear a suit and tie, dress appropriately for the place you will be taking your date.

Although most men think that a woman is looking for someone who is rich and good looking, this isn’t always the case. Although these things help you, they won’t get you too far if you aren’t easy to speak to, and the two of you have nothing in common. So, when planning the date, make sure to think of things to talk about in advance, dress the part, and do something interesting to keep your date intrigued and wanting to learn more about you. This dating advice for men will definitely put you a step ahead of the competition.

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How To Flirt With Women

Learning how to flirt with women has absolutely nothing to do with what job you have, how much money or homes you have. You do not need to be a millionaire, have a Ph.D. from Harvard, or have money falling out of your wallet to get women’s attention. Women want respect and honesty the two most important things to know while you learn how to flirt with a women.

The first and most important tip to flirting with women is to be honest. Do not lie to any women when you are meeting them and or flirting with them. You do not want to make yourself out to be something you are not. Imagine if you did lie, and she believed you did something else to find out you already lied to her. This will ruin a chance of trust or relationship with her if you already lied. Never lie while flirting.

So many people believe that flirting is hard to do and that it is one of the most difficult lessons to learn. This is not true. Flirting with women is much easier than you may think. Now that you know not to lie and be respectful, it is time to learn some ways to get her attention through flirting.

Flirting is about attitude that you choose to present. If you are nervous, do not show it. Women are more likely to ignore you, as they will think you have no self-confidence. Keep looking in her eyes when talking to her. Additionally, do not look down to the ground when you are walking or talking with her. Body language shows itself through your body movements and actions. Show positivity while interacting with women than you will get more attention from the women.

Now you put the women at ease and feeling comfortable, you should complement her. However, do not over-do it, as women know when you are trying too hard. Women do not want you to put yourself on a tight rope just as you want them to be comfortable the women want men flirting with them to feel comfortable as well.

Start asking questions once you have the women’s attention. You can discuss anything and ask about her. You can ask about where she works if she has children, and ask what she likes to do when she has free time. This is important as you should be giving her one-hundred- percent attention and if you really like her than you should remember what she has told you she likes. This will let you implement her likes into the first date.

Another idea to flirt with women is have something that may catch her eye. By doing this you can get a conversation started about the attention getter. This almost works all the time. Now is your chance to get to know her and ask her questions, and if she would be interested in a dinner date, lunch, or a very public place. Ensuring her that others will be around and you obviously are not looking to hurt her. Due to the crime rate, it is very important to make the women feel safe when you are flirting.

Learning how to flirt with women will help your self -confidence and make your dating life more fulfilling.

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First Date Questions

Dating can be a scary experience if you haven’t dated in a while, don’t know which first date questions to ask, are meeting a blind date, or if you are feeling overall unsure of yourself. If you take the time to consider some good first date questions, you can make your dating experience a little better. People love to talk about themselves. Having confidence when asking your date questions, allows you to get to know them better, and puts both you and your date at ease. Asking about your date’s hobbies, likes and dislikes, and more introspective questions lets you know if you would want a second date or not.

A great question to start off with is to ask your date about their hobbies and general interests. How long have they been interested in water rafting, bowling, or singing karaoke with friends? A person’s hobbies can show off how extroverted or introverted one’s personality is. Finding common hobbies is a great thing, because it can provide second date ideas, and help you learn more about your date. You or your date could be more adventurous by trying out a hobby that may be unfamiliar, and create a sense of trust by learning and leaning on the other person.

In our modern and heavily populated world, two big questions to ask your date is if they are interested in marriage or children in their life and future. Questions surrounding marriage and children may come off as a bit strong, so ease into it with a little bit of lightheartedness. Bring up siblings and family expectations gently first. Asking about marriage and children helps weed out whether you want to continue a serious relationship with someone. Typically if one person wants marriage or kids, and the other does not, relationships between such people doesn’t last very long.

A more whimsical date question is to ask about favorite colors and what type of animal would you be if you could. You can play into a little bit of psychology with the answers you get. A person’s favorite color often reflects sexual tastes and whether their general personality has a warm or cooler disposition. People like blue for example, are considered tigers in the bedroom. People who favor the color black may be of a more kinky persuasion. How animals are viewed by the person that chooses them can show whether they consider themselves kind, selfish, small, timid, large, a leader, or a little stubborn. Some animals are chosen solely for their grace, agility, and pure aesthetic reasons. Don’t take your date’s answers a little too seriously, but it is fun to consider what psychologists have to say.

Music is a window to the heart and soul, so asking your date about their favorite type of music could lead into another date involving a concert, dance lessons, or checking out a club. Dancing is a great way to see your chemistry, get exercise, and just have a good time. Concerts are a great choice for couples, people watching, and gives you and your date something to talk about after the performance.

Use these first date questions discussed earlier and you will certainly impress your date.

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Eye Contact Flirting

Everyone participates in eye contact flirting, no matter married or unmarried, every man nourishes a desire to build a cordial relationship with a sweet woman and go on a date with her. But it is not an easy job to seduce a woman to make a relationship or to come closer. Most of the men fail to attract the opposite sex partner towards them.

Attracting an opposite sex partner to build a relationship with no string attached is not everyone’s cup of tea. Despite of repeated efforts, a person fails to attract any of them. In fact, seducing the woman for relationship or sex is an art and you need to master that art, if you want to get succeed.

People don’t succeed to attract a woman after spending huge money in gifting the most expensive things of the world; on the other hand, some people easily seduce and take a woman even on to the bed with just flirting with eye contact. Yes, it is more than hundred percent true. No money, only skill is required to woo a girl or a woman.

If you are yet to successful in attracting a girl to make a relationship with you then you may not believe but eye contact flirting is enough to attract a girl to make a relationship and then go on dating with her. Flirting with eye to allure a girl to make a stunning relationship is difficult but if you take care of some tips and advices at the time of the operation, then the chance of getting success manifolds. Below, you will find some tips and advices to get the coveted success in eye contact flirting.

  • Pick your girl carefully before the eye flirting. You cannot just start eye flirting with any girl.
  • First of all, the girl has to be the girl of your liking. Don’t do eye flirting with any girl, just for trial and error. If you get succeed then you may find yourself in a big trouble.
  • Don’t try to flirt with a girl with eyes, when she is either with her boy friend or husband. The chance of getting good response from a girl is really less, when she is along with her man.
  • The best time to eye flirt a woman is, when she is breastfeeding her baby. At the time of breastfeeding, women are generally sexually aroused; so, there is a good chance of getting a positive response.
  • In the same way, both girls and women are in an excited state, when they are playing the sewing machine. If you find your girl anytime on the sewing table, then don’t miss the chance. Start flirting, in most of the cases, you will get good response.
  • Girls are far shyer than the boys. They don’t want to get exposed in public. At the time of flirting make sure that there is no one or less people around you. A girl may avoid giving you response in front of the friends or any other people around.
  • Generally, girls don’t show open interest, they only give hints. You should read those clues well and go ahead accordingly.
  • Just remember that eye contact flirting is just the first phase of flirting.

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How To Flirt With Girls

Many guys wonder how to flirt with girls. Guys sometimes wonder why it seems that girls are drawn to certain men easily and not to others. While it may be true that girls are more comfortable around certain guys, it is possible to learn how to be the guy that girls are drawn to. It will take a bit of work but it’s not hard to learn, if you make up your mind to do it. Girls like guys that are confident but not overly cocky.

There are a few things you can do to let your confidence show to any girls you meet. One of the most important ways to show your confident nature to a girl you’ve just seen in a room or at a party is to walk right up to her and introduce yourself. Don’t hesitate and falter in your walk or your talk. A girl will pick right up on that. Walk up to her confidently, offer your hand and introduce yourself.

The way you carry yourself as you walk up to her is important. When you enter the room, act confident, even if you don’t feel that way. Fake it if you must and before long you’ll learn to feel confident. Over half of the men that look or act confident, really didn’t feel that way at first. They faked it long enough that they started to believe it themselves. Walk in the room with your head held high. When you see that girl you want to meet, with a confident stride, shoulders back, and head held high walk right up to her with a smile.

When you reach the girl, don’t hesitate to look at her. A confident, self assured man will look her right in the eye and smile. One of the easiest ways to look weak or unsure of yourself, is to not look her in the eye. Looking down or across the room is something a girl will pick up on that right away and her first judgement of you will be unfavorable. You need to look confident, so look right at her, even if you’re quaking in your boots, don’t let her see it. Look right at her and smile.

After you’ve walked over to her in a confident manner and looked at her and smiled, you’ve gotten her attention. Now is the time to confidently talk to her. The easiest thing to do (after making sure your hand is free from sweat) is to hold out your hand in greeting and introduce yourself in a strong, clear voice. Make sure you don’t mumble or talk quietly so that she can’t hear you. You don’t want to be loud and obnoxious, of course but a confident and athoritative voice will let the girl know that you’re comfortable with yourself. After you’ve introduced yourself, and she has introduced herself back, ask her a few questions about herself. Most women like a man who takes the time to learn a bit about them. Remember to relax, smile and listen to what she’s saying.

The most important part of the whole flirting/meeting girls situation comes down to confidence. If the girl sees you acting confident (even if you’re only pretending!) she’ll look at you as a confident person. That’s the key to the guys the girls want to be around – they ooze confidence. That’s the best way of all if you want to know how to flirt with girls.

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Online Dating Tips

Before you begin the online dating journey, you must follow these online dating tips that will make the process more enjoyable and fruitful. These involve four key areas of online dating. The first area is finding the appropriate site for your interests or needs. While this may seem like an easy task, the influx of meeting-oriented and relationship-oriented sites has created a confusing mess of choices.

Therefore, prior to registering with a site, you need to take a long look at what you are looking for from the online dating process. If you want a relationship then a site that offers personality or chemistry matches is a better option. If you want to meet new people and hook up, a site that offers more options would be best. In addition, there is a gambit of sites that focus on individual interests or age groups. Begin by using a keyword search for what you want and then shop around before making your purchase.

Now that you have made your choice of sites, the next step is building the profile. Your profile should essentially be about you and the reason(s) you have chosen the site. When creating the profile, the two most important steps are adding photos and revealing information. Always use a recent photo and if possible get the verified through the sites verification service. A recent photo shows that you are not hiding anything and verifying allows potential interests to know that you are not a con man/woman.

What information to reveal is tricky and problematic for most people for whom online dating is a new world. First, you should never give away personal information, like a home phone number, address, work location or vehicle description. Second, if you have children, it might be best to leave the ages and names private until future communication. It is important to remember the information should be about you and what you want. The information should not tell the person exactly who you are and where to find you.

Now that you have the profile completed, it’s time to communicate. A good compliment or smile is a greater opener to a conversation. Remember, online dating gives people a chance to be whatever they want. Therefore, it is important that has you begin talking to someone you ask questions and weigh answers. If you catch someone in a lie or feel uncomfortable, it is a sign that there may be a potential problem. Don’t overlook your instincts and always be respectful when communicating. In the end this could save a lot of headache down the road.

The last step involves meeting a person for the first time. This should only happen after numerous online and phone conversations. You should meet the person in a public place with clear plans for the day or evening. However, the plans for the first meeting are essential to any future chemistry so ensure that you are able to be who you are and confident. By following these online dating tips, you never know you may just find the right person.

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Dating Advice For Women

If you are just entering the dating scene after a long-term relationship breakup or divorce, it’s important use this dating advice for women as you navigate these tricky waters. Dating can be fun, scary or that heady combination of both! So remember to dust off your dating manners and jump in and have some fun, while meeting new people.

First of all, please be safe. More women are turning to online sources for meeting men, and while this expands your choices, it also expands your risks. One thing you can do is arrange to meet the first few times in a neutral, public location. Always let a trusted friend know where you are, and check in with them when you return. Don’t let strangers know where you live or work right away. If you decide to pursue the relationship, you may want to do a background check on him, which you can order online. He could be married, or have been convicted of a sex crime or have other criminal history. Finding this out early can help you exit gracefully before you get too involved. Remember, it’s better to err on the side of caution when online dating.

Now that you have started dating, it is important to trust your instincts. If you meet someone, who superficially seems great, but you have a nagging feeling something is wrong or creepy, then pay attention. There is a good chance he is hiding something, or even lying. Often, we have been conditioned to ignore our instincts, and this could do you a big disservice. Feeling something is wrong about a person right away or in the first couple of dates is not something to ignore. If you pursue this relationship despite your feelings, you could be spending a lot of time with someone who is not right for you at all.

Remember to take any new dating relationship slow. It’s important to maintain your own life and interests, as well as letting him maintain his life and interests. Dating is about getting to know someone, and this doesn’t happen overnight. So slow down if you feel things are moving too fast.
There are several indicators, or red flags, you should be aware while dating. Bad behavior in early dating can be an indicator of worse behavior later on.

  • Rudeness to servers in restaurants
  • Talks about how much he hates his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife
  • Works hard to rush the relationship, even talking about marriage or kids on the first date, or saying you’re his soul mate. You quickly feel smothered
  • Exhibits rage when things don’t go his way
  • Talking about himself constantly, without any interest in you. You may not recognize this at first, as you are in the getting-to-know-him phase, but be aware of how much he’s telling you about himself vs. how much he’s asked about you
  • Inappropriate contact. Your first date went well, then he’s texting you 75 times a day, making you uncomfortable

Keeping an open mind and being aware of what is going on is important when dating. It’s important you don’t spend too much time on relationships that clearly aren’t working, so you will be available to pursue other options. Remember, follow this dating advice for women and you’ll be on the right path to find mr. Right.

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First Date Advice

So you’ve finally met that special someone online or in person and it’s time for your first date! Follow this first date advice and you will not have to be anxious. You don’t want to mess up chances for a second date or embarass yourself, right? Being worried about the first date happens to us all. Whether its the very first ever,or even just a new relationship,with some simple hints and reminders your first date will go very smoothly.

Maybe you’re just thinking about the first date and wondering where you should take them.This is very important! You want to match the location or activity of your date to the type of person he or she is. You wouldn’t take a shy woman who loves to read to a hardcore rock concert on a first date, just like you wouldn’t take a hardcore punk rocker woman to a jazz club.

The location must match your date’s personality. If you don’t know your potential date’s personality well enough to decide,dont worry; this is completely normal. For These cases,you want to find a place in between. A movie is a very popular first date spot. You can both enjoy the movie while not having to worry about making conversation. Best of all, after the movie you will have plenty to talk about that you can both relate to. If you’re looking for a more classy approach take him/her to a restaurant. Be aware this kind of date will require you to make conversation! If shyness is not an issue, then a dinner date is perfectly acceptable.

Ok so we know where we want to take our date, what do we do next? Knowing what to wear is very important. Maybe you like to dress very casually at home. If you’ve decided to have the first date at a restaurant you will have to wear something a bit more formal, but not over the top. Wear a nice collared shirt and dress slacks. Anything that seems approprite for the occasion will most likely work. Even though you should dress semi good for this kind of date, don’t overdo it! Showing up at the eatery in a three peice suit in not nessecary and your date might not say anything but he or she will judge based on this. Remember also to have good hygiene, brush or comb your hair, wear deodorant, make sure your hands are clean and nails trimmed. Looking clean and neat is very important in determining a follow up date.

The night of your first date and your heart is racing, if you’ve followed the above tips this date will go very smoothly and chances of a second date, or even full relationship are very high at this point. If you offered your date a ride to the event, be on time. Being on time shows that you are excited and want to go on that date. Having a gift can be classy or sweet, however some people consider this to be pushy. If you really want to give your date something make sure it is inexpensive and impersonal. Jewelry is a not a good idea! While in the car adjust your music to something your date would like,even if you hate it. They will like this! Men open the door for your date when you arrive at your destination.

You’re all set! Remember the most important thing about the first date is to make a good impression,so don’t say anything rude or disrepectful to anyone around you and especially your date. Follow this first date advice and you will be well on your way to a second date.

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Dating Tips For Men

Even the most confident guys can have trouble decoding the many mysteries of women. Using dating tips for men like these can help make it easier to understand just what it takes to get to a woman’s heart. It is not about how good-looking you are, or what clothes you wear. It is about how you present yourself to be the best man you can be.

A very common problem that guys in the dating world face is the woman who only wants to be friends. This is known as the “friend zone” and it happens often with longtime friendship. If you have known her since you were six, there is a chance that you know so much about each other that she will want someone new and interesting to date, someone who does not know so much about her. It can also be easy for a guy to treat a female friend like one of the guys, but to become her boyfriend, you have to treat her like a woman. In many cases, the best thing to do is to just enjoy your friendship and avoid ruining it.

Many men make the mistake of thinking they can get away with going a few weeks without clipping their toenails or forgetting to use soap in the shower. Hygiene and staying well kept is very important in having a woman take you seriously. It is not about what kind of clothes a man wears or how much money he spends on his shoes. Neatly trimmed hair and clean nails make a good impression.

Complimenting women you meet can help you establish trust and confidence. It is also the polite thing to do. Avoid overdoing it, and using the same lines over and over. Notice something unique about the woman’s style. Chances are, she spend a long time making herself look good, so noticing what sets her apart will make her feel special.

When meeting up and having a date with any woman you have not known for a long time, it can be hard to figure out what to say. While many women are naturally conversational, others might be shy and reserved and not say as much. It is important to take the time to listen and ask questions while talking.

One of the most destructive things a man can do to a relationship is to feel as the woman is just like any others he has met in the past. Not all women are the same, and they will have to be treated as individuals with different problems and attitudes. Do not act negatively towards women just because one may have broken your heart.

Keeping the lines of communication open and always staying respectful will make a relationship strong. Both ends of the couple have to really want to be with each other to make it last. Regardless of how much she is complimented, any woman will crave to be understood and nurtured.

Use these dating tips for men to see a difference in the way you date. Relationships don’t have to be confusing. When you are the best man you can be, women will love you for who you are.

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