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Eharmony is one of the most well known on-line dating sites. They take a specific approach to finding prospects for their members. You might discover much more about yourself while learning more about members you are matched with. Many Eharmony reviews and testimonials have been published about couples who found love on their site. is about high quality instead of quantity. It can be quite of a disadvantage that the site matches you with other singles based on the answers you gave to their questions. They only display a handful of singles to you. Although quantity might be what you are looking for, you will end up with quality most of the time, which is actually more important. You are able to obtain matches before transferring to their paid section, but if you want to use all the features of the site, you need to join the paid membership.

The great thing about Eharmony is that the site has many different demographics that are looking for love. One time consuming aspect of the website is the questions you need to answer, these are necessary because that is how their system works in finding the best matches for you. Make sure you take the time to answer everything thoughtfully.

Not only will you answer questions about who you are, you will also write about what you are looking for, and what you are not interested in. This is useful in narrowing your dating pool to find who is right for you.

Do not rush through the questions, without much taught, eHarmony won’t let you proceed using your profile. At the top of the screen a note will appear stating that rushing through their procedure will have a negative impact so you are encouraged evaluate or alter your answers prior to moving on.

A big drawback is that after finishing all the questions being asked, which could take you an hour to do, you might not have any matches. What you could do then is go back and change a couple of answers just to get matches

The search and matching features the system uses are more extensive than most on-line dating websites because Eharmony their whole system is revolved around this.

Once you have been given some good results after filling out the questionnaire, the next thing to do is to start the communication process.

You start out by sending them a set of specific questions that you come up with or choose from existing questions the system generates. If your match answers you back, they will send you questions to answer, if they are interested in who you are. Before you know it you will be ready for more communication and possibly a date. Of course, you can stop communicating or pause if you lost interest, but this also goes vice versa.

A great safety feature Eharmony provides is an active member’s name, location and age verification for an additional fee. The verification will be posted with your profile, if you subscribe to this service. This is a great service, because it makes active members feel more secure and confident in getting contacting and meeting in person.

The site also analyzes your profile and tells you specific things like how likeable you are, available for love, and more useful information that will likely surprise you and maybe even catch you off guard. This is a great time to do some self reflection and coming up with answers yourself.

While you are self reflecting on your life, you can use the dating help section of the site to learn more about the dating do’s and don’ts of today’s society. The best information is the articles about the pitfalls of early dates. has been a very useful site for many married people who where once single and have found love. But the matching feature itself has been a source of frustration for a couple of active members. The best thing to do is to jump right in and see for yourself if you will get matched or not. One thing is certain, you will not find anybody while being complacent.