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[kkratings]For online-daters who are looking for a premier wealthy dating community, the online company offers a comprehensive new site that has received endless amounts of positive reviews from the likes of and The Wall Street Journal.

For those who want to join the site as a standard member, the price to view the profiles of the online dating scene’s most wealthy bachelors and bachelorettes, is absolutely free. However, for those looking to get the Gold Membership into the site, prices start at $39.95/month for service. This is an important investment for those who are really looking to get that first date, as non-paying members are not permitted to reach out to potential millionaire dates, they can only be contacted by the paying customers. Some of the other benefits are the ability to chat online with other members through the site’s messenger option, as well as the ability to send private emails to other members.

Gold members are also privy to advanced search options, making stifling through the impressive amount of members on the site a breeze. You can also find out who has viewed your profile and you will get priority ranking among search listings, and that’s just the beginning of the list. The impressive number of features given to the gold members, makes the investment a worthwhile one for the more serious daters, and the site even offers discounted prices for those who pay for more than one month at a time.

There are several things that make stand out from its competitors, the first being the high number of attractive members, all of whom are actually verified millionaires. The verification process takes a lot of the apprehension out of using a site that advertises its use for men and women seeking ‘millionaires’. Another benefit of this site is that there is a large number of wealthy women on the site looking for love, meaning the dating pool isn’t just limited to millionaire men.

The site has been in business for over 10 years, and in that time managed to accumulate a large number of members as well as a great reputation for credibility. The client list of this site includes doctors, lawyers and celebrities and is very exclusive and difficult to get in to. The increased security makes it nearly impossible for scammers to post on the site, posing as millionaires. Luckily for users who don’t bring in seven-figure paychecks, Millionaire Match allows all users to browse and use their site, no matter what their income is.

As if all of the incentives weren’t enough, the website itself is very clean, easy to navigate and simple to use, making entering the sometimes daunting world of online dating a breeze. Although the site itself isn’t the most up-to-date looking webpage on the map, the quality truly lies with the impressive cliental list this company has managed to come up with. Millionaire and non-millionaire singles alike will be impressed with the security, professionalism and pool of eligible partners available to users of this renowned online dating site.