OkCupid Review | OkCupid.com

At OkCupid.com you will enjoy your adventure of finding fun and interesting singles, while using the special features this free site offers. As an active user you can use your free time to browse profiles, enjoying the fact that there are many users available on this site. Not just are members in a position to get in contact with other members, they are able to take some enjoyable personality tests while patiently waiting on emails back. While browsing profiles an interesting fact is that you will see how you compare to the member you are looking at. You might be matched as a friend, enemy, romance, or many others.

OkCupid.com works very well while you are searching for attractive singles in your area as you can use the filters to narrow your search. You can use the filter to select options such as age, height, ethnicity, location, and more. You can also send a quick nudge to active members you are interested in, if they like you they will reply back. Okcupid is a very well rounded and creative site if you pay attention to it.

But a downside to creative websites is that it might fly over the head of its users as they are not too familiar with all these features. A quick solution to this problem would be a FAQ page or a help section to assist users in getting familiar with the lingo of the website. This will prevent confusion and lead to better matches and happier users.

Okcupid is also a site that does not take itself too serious, it has plenty of humor in it and light hearted fun. This is not to say that the site is not serious about its number one goal; and that is to match singles up who are looking for friendship or romance. This is one of the more prominent free dating sites on the web. It gets many new users from search engine traffic alone. So the chance of meeting new singles in your area is always high.

The layout you will see is very easy on the eyes, having a pleasant layout will also put the members in a relaxed mood. You are able to e-mail buddies and might find your lover. The best way to contact a prospect you find interesting is to send them an email. But you need to be very cautious on what you put in your email, because first impressions last a lifetime.

Of course, live chats will be much more exciting, fun and consequently, much more sexy. Still, you are able to discover a great match that appears within your neighborhood. A great advantage to the site is that it is free and at the time of this Okcupid review, the site has no obtruding ads in it. You do not have to worry about paying a monthly fee.

An additional great feature of the site is that you can block active users who you are not interested in from contacting you at all. If you are an attractive female, this feature is a must as you will get annoyed with the constant emails from the same men. If you are a man on the other hand, this feature might be useless, unless you have a stalker on your hands.

An individual should match you a minimum of 50 percent to have the ability follow up or get in contact with you. This is pretty good, as you will not have to worry about meeting people who will just waste your time and make it even harder for you to find somebody you can connect with.

OkCupid provides its active members a great deal for a totally free website. This dating website might not assist you to get married however it certainly tries it’s very best to find you somebody who wants a relationship or romance.