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While writing this Perfect Match review I noticed something, gone are the days when boys and girls used to first see each other, then invite one another out for a date and then after numerous dates, transition to something more serious. Today is the time of modern romance and relationship building, where all the parts of a traditional relationship building are available under one roof; and that roof is The conventional ways of hooking up with the girl are now out dated; you let the technology decide what is best for you, and then cross check for verification that was it really the case? is an online dating site that became functional from August 2003.

Features of the website

The creators of the website Jason McVey, Duane Dahl, and Cindy Henry-Dahl who also happen to be the founder of two other dating sites, have literally changed the life of millions of people worldwide. The website’s working is based on a complex algorithm called the DUET compatibility system, which guarantees an appropriate match for every individual. The DUET compatibility system was designed by a very famous relationship expert, who put life in it after 30 years of research. The website is a search category style website, in which a huge database of people is maintained under the specific tags representing their preferences, likes/dislikes, personality and values. You just have to punch–in your own requirements and let do the magic trick for you. For those who feel misguided or do not have a clue how online dating works, free advice from relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz is always available. She has changed lives of people for more than 8 years now, and is the guiding star for millions of relationships in the making. The website also provides the Video Online dating service for the people who want to be one step ahead of others.

Different package prices and facilities

There are 3 different types of packages that are available on the website for customers. Those include
1. Basic – Free Package
2. Premium Package
3. Platinum Package

Premium Package Perks

All those subscribing for the premium package get a chance to talk to Dr. Schwartz and ask her advice, ability to add up to eight photos, access to exclusive Invite Feature, advanced search tools, unlimited access to profiles, communication with other singles and guaranteed results. All this comes $9.95 for 5 days trial, 1 month for $59.95, 2 months for $39.95 per month and 3 months for $36.95 per month.

Platinum Package Perks

The Platinum package is great, because it allow use of all of the features of the premium package; the added features consist of the following: Your profile gets to appear at the top of search results compared to other active members, you also get the highlighted Featured Platinum ProfileProfile. This gives you the option of having all active users getting in contact with you. Paid fees for this package at are as follow: $34.99 for four months, $139.95 for 6 months for, or you can be billed $199.95 in one installment. Subscription is fast and can easily be made using your checks or credit card.

Basic free Package

The basic free package is free of cost and you do not get any of the advantages that the other two package holders get.

Perfect Match has more of an older demographic on their site who are in their mid thirties. You can assume that these members are more relationship minded and are looking to get married. If you are in the same age range and are looking for more than love, you should join now.