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Most dating sites are geared toward members wasting time beating around the bush. What this means is that people who only want a “friends with benefits” type of situation or a “sugar daddy” type of situation feel too embarrassed to state that. They feel as though they have to constantly maintain a certain faked persona as not to be judged. What usually ends up happening is these people lie to their potential “mates” about what they desire and the dates end up going sour when the truth comes out. is a special kind of dating website that allows visitors to be honest and truly state their business. is a website that is specifically designed for men and women who want to be in a “financially beneficial situation”. It is not an escort service and it is not a candy shop. It is a place for a young women to seek out sugar daddies and vice versa. Men can also look for sugar mommies as the site does not discriminate. A sugar parent is a person who is willing to provide another person with financial assistance in exchange for his or her company and intimacy. A sugar baby is the individual who receives the financial assistance. can be joined for free in as little as five minutes. Prospective members are expected to fill out a profile that would include information such as name, age, location, arrangement desired, amount of financial help needed (if sugar daddy or mommy is requested), and a brief description about the individual. This will give seekers an idea of who a person really is before choosing to contact. If the person is not the type of man or woman who is being sought after, then members do not have to waste valuable time. has some very amazing benefits. First they do not allow any spamming of members or the website. There can be no links posted in the member profile and no irrelevant information in posts. Harassment of members is also unacceptable and will result in suspension or deletion of an account. Pornography is also not acceptable at any time on any are of the site. People can feel secure about having a fun, clean environment in which they can seek out what they need. Other features included with membership are member blocking, e-mail status updates, 24 hour e-mail support, and easy membership upgrades.

Monthly fees can be automatically deducted from a credit card or paid for with money order or cashier’s check. The quickest way to gain access to premier membership services is to use a credit card. Checks and money orders could take up to 2 weeks for receipt and processing. Once an account is set up users can begin posting and receiving messages right away. Finding a sugar daddy or sugar mommy has never been this simple. gives a very upfront, open, and honest approach to it. It is one of the first dating websites of its kind and will surely be around for a long time to come.