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There are almost 100 million Americans over the age of 40 who are single. That’s a large portion of the population. While not all singles are interested in dating the large majorities are and many are turning to online dating sites for the chance to meet a potential partner. Well over 40 million people visit dating websites each year. Long gone are the days when dating sites were considered taboo. Thanks to social media, dating websites like senior people meet, have now become the norm.

Research shows that people often are able to communicate more openly and honestly when they are communicating electronically. Apparently the angst that exists between people communicating face to face is completely removed in the online realm so they are likely to be more honest. People are becoming less inhibited as a result and this allows for more intimacy. When more intimacy takes place then people enjoy themselves and have more fulfilling conversations and relationships.

There area many online dating sites. is designed specifically for the mature population to interact socially online. People are able to locate potential partners based on a variety of data such as age, location, interests, and communication styles. When you sign up on the site you create a user profile as you do on many other sites. This user profile is the window of opportunity that allows people to search for someone with your interests, characteristics and features. Once interest is piqued then the doors of communication are opened. People can send messages into your inbox and you can send messages to another as well. There are thousands of people to search through your options never run out on this site.

The profile is simple to set up. It mainly consists of questions pertaining to your appearance, how many children you have and if they live with you, if you smoke? There is a section that allows you type in your interests, upload photos and a section that asks for interests you are looking for in a partner. There is free access to the site but you will need to upgrade to a paid account. This site works much like the other dating websites. The difference is that it’s for persons of mature age. There really isn’t anything to prevent someone younger from signing up but the majority of the persons accessing the site are older.
One interesting fact about the site is it has a lot of articles about dating tips, online dating safety, dating for older persons as well as do’s and don’ts. offers ample information for people to educate themselves on the world of online dating.

The basic free account allows you to scroll through members but in order to read the messages they send you must subscribe to an account. There are 4 different account types ranging from $12.99 to $19.99 per month, each allowing you more communication possibilities. Essentially offers a subscription service for persons to have access to many thousands of singles. You only have to be 18 to join but the site targets older persons.