Speeddate.com Review | Speeddate

Speeddate.com launched in October 2007 and is one of the fastest growing online speed dating website. It has about 2.1M clients in U.S. alone. Singles can sign up on this dating site in a matter of seconds and go on multiple real-time 5-minute online dates from the comfort of their home using a web-cam and instant messaging. If the two dating partners decide that they are compatible, they can continue communicating through the site and decide at their own pace when they want to meet in real life.

Speed-dating got really popular in the last decade. It helps singles screen people very quickly for compatibility before meeting them in person and thus increasing the likelihood of having an awesome date!! Speeddate.com has a very quick sign up process and so it allows you to start conversing with your potential date in a matter of few minutes. No lengthy signs and no hang ups.

Highlights of Speeddate.com include:

  • There are no lengthy profiles required unlike other dating sites
  • Sets you up for 5 minutes with a potential date to see if you are compatible.
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Due to their large customer base, you have more options to choose from
  • Site provides a iPhone and iPad app
  • The site has its own blog
  • Website is very professionally done and supported by FAQs and tutorials

They take a fairly serious approach to dating unlike other competitors that just attract customers to increase their site usage. This dating site expects you to find significant others and is very committed in its goal of customer satisfaction. The look and feel of the Speeddate.com is almost like talking to a live matchmaker. When you sign up, a person greets you and promises to find you a good date! The site also gives you clear instructions on how to start the process, you cannot get lost in this website. Depending on how much time you have, you can use the profile settings to upload a picture and set your own goals. However the premise of the website is to use the 5 minute chat time effectively to make a go or no-go decision on a potential date.

They also provide a good number of statistics on how many dates you have chat-ed with and provides the capability to email your prior dates. It also archives who has viewed your profile and who has tried to chat with you when you were offline and hence makes your task very easy for you. If the technology is new to you, it has several tutorials to help you out as well.

Speeddate.com is currently running a 60% off promotion on 12 month Platinum membership of $15.95/month or one time payment of $191.40. The Platinum membership allows you unlimited use of the website, more number of dates and live chats and hence widens your horizon. You can choose from a wide range of plan options, 1 month, 3month, 6 month or year long Platinum membership plan. You save the most on your year long plan.

So hurry, don’t waste any time and go meet your most compatible date and have the fun that you deserve!