With so many Internet dating sites out there, is getting harder to choose the right one? Well, I have found a great new site. is one of the best new, up-and-coming dating sites out there. When you first glance at their website, you can see a message we all wish every Internet dating site had these days. They have a large, clear message that they will prosecute anyone using their site for any type of criminal activity, and anyone representing themselves on the site as single, who is actually married.

They also screen every dating applicant for felonies. That in itself sets this site apart for me from all of the rest. Who hasn’t heard of internet dating horror stories? Knowing that cares about not only our physical safety of our hearts is a great surprise. No worries about dating a serial killer, or a married man or woman who will do nothing but break our hearts in the long run, will lead to a much better online dating experience for many of us. has lots of the classic online dating features such as the user profile, picture, messaging, winking, searches and chatting we have grown comfortable with and used to. They have an advanced search option so you can choose the exact age, area code, body type, height, and even hair and eye color you are looking for in a prospective mate.

They also offer some more advanced and hi-tech features I have not seen anywhere else. One of these features is a coaching center. In the coaching center the coaches offer tips to help make your profile stand out from all the rest.

They also offer daily dating tips, and answers to any love question you may have. Another feature on this site I have not seen anywhere else is a live video chat feature. Once you have found a potential match on the site, and grown tired of typing in the regular chat, you can utilize this feature.

This is great for that stage where you think you may be ready to meet in person, but aren’t quite sure, yet. All you have to do is fire up your web cam to chat “almost in person,” and decide what the future may hold for the two of you. They also have lots of fun quizzes, and offer scientific matches based on interests, personality, communication, commitment, romance, and even sexual quirks. They even have a feature in which you can check out who has been viewing your profile, so you can make the first move, and contact a shy admirer.

This site offers a 3 day free-trial so you can try it out and see if it is the right site for you. After the trial period ends, they will bill you at a monthly rate of $49.99 a month. The coaching service is an additional $4.99 per month fee, and the True chat option and additional $9.98. While these fees a on the high side for a dating website, considering you won’t have to worry about criminals and married adulterers may make the fees worth it for many.