Woome Review | Woome.com

Online dating sites have been around for a few decades. Although they offer some great features, they also tend to get stagnate. You start to feel like the same people are lurking on all of the sites, and you just never know if they’re as good as their profile makes them out to be. With WooMe.com, speed dating goes global, in real time, and makes it fast and fun to meet singles all over the world.

Speed Dating With a Webcam

The creators of WooMe launched their online dating site in 2007, and have since raised and earned a billion dollars giving dating hopefuls the opportunity to speed date from the comforts of home via a webcam and audio capability.

WooMe caters to the young, short attention span web users of today. Members can sign up, sign in and pick a dating session that is centered around a topic of interest. If a particular topic isn’t available, then the user can create his or her own. Once the session starts, five participants are able to join the webcam chat and speed date for five minutes. The participants can then decide whether they were “wooed” or not.

Five Minutes To Impress

The founders of WooMe.com believe you can figure out a lot about a person in five minutes. One unique feature that daters won’t get anywhere else is audio. Participants are not able to type chat. They have to talk to each other, and the voice can be very revealing. Besides, the only way to get anyone’s attention in five minutes is to either be super fun and creative or to be genuine.

Although some have been concerned that the site will be overrun with undesirable women and socially awkward men, the WooMe staff is certain they can make the experience worthwhile. They believe the design of the dating sessions will make it fast and easy to weed out the undesirables. They also point out that the host of each session can decide who will enter the chat.

An Inexpensive Dating Option

It’s free to join WooMe, and it only costs a dollar for participants to get each others contact info. The catch is that both participants have to agree they were wooed. Unlike many dating sites that have subscription fees that may not be money well spent, the WooMe community only pays when they feel it’s worth their while to do so.

WooMe is not ad supported, so there are no distracting advertisements to take away from the all important five minutes. Also, no one using WooMe will have to waste time building complicated profiles. That also means that no one has to waste time reading tedious and often inaccurate introductions. The whole idea is to let the participants do the talking in webcam person.

To date, WooMe has come close to one million unique users. That means its catching on worldwide. WooMe is such a well received idea, that in enjoys support from some of the top venture capitalists in the world. It certainly won’t be long before WooMe is breaking one million users daily.